Nightful Fright Full Book Cover

Check out our new book "Nightful Fright Full" a collection of exquisitely told cleverly creepy tales and original poetry written by Henry Hamilton and , beautifully illustrated by Maine artist Patricia Chandler. Available by direct order through our website or through Amazon

Hi, we're the Hamiltons of Otisfield, Maine. We set up this site originally because we thought we'd like to have a B&B at our farm. We changed our minds about that but enjoyed the site, so we're keeping it!

We will rent the space for short stays at our convenience, but you must do your own cooking, or enjoy area restaurants.

Call 207-627-4458 if you'd like to stay at our farm for a few days @ $100/night for single or double occupancy.

Shirley & Henry HamiltonWe're mostly retired International Humanitarian Relief & Development workers, having spent our careers in W. Africa, E. Europe and Central Asia. During that time we worked for the Peace Corps, USAID, the State Department, the UN, the Federal Government of Germany, IRC, Helen Keller International, World Learning, OSCE and UMCOR.

Shirley retired from Maine Centers for Women, Work, and Community at the University of Maine, Augusta. We care for a handicap individual at home and we play farmer on our dream hobby farm. (This developing dream sustained us during some of the difficult assignments our careers took us through). We produce registered llamas, freezer goats & lambs and our fowl include exotic pheasants, Indian Runners, African Geese, Guineas, Silkies, Seabrights and Bahamas. We maintain a garden, small orchard, wild blueberry (usually called burn, but we mow ours so I suppose it's a blueberry mow) and woodlot.

Shirley in the GardenWe call our place the Maine Fun Farm because it's all about fun, not profit nor even subsistence. We could no doubt buy the food we raise & produce for no more than it costs us to do all the work ourselves, but we know our food& have a symbiotic relationship to it. If we just purchased our nutrition and fuel we'd get fat and unhealthy from poor quality food and lack of activity. During a recent physical Henry was told “You have the vital signs of a teenager.”) Yup, we'd have to join a health club, take vitamins and who know what else?

For 20 years we lived on half our income and invested half with our minds firmly set Hank in the Gardenon the end goal of the lifestyle we now delight in. We've lived in 3rd World Villages without electricity or running water, we’ve experienced animist, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian cultures with all their individual variations. We've been on the cutting edge of world events in Bosnia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan; we've seen the most brutal aspects of human nature as well as the most humane. We’ve marveled before the glorious creations of ancient civilizations and have been struck by the idea that basic human nature has changed not at all since the beginning of recorded time. Machiavelli or St. Francis, Pol Pot or Mother Teresa, our species has always manifested scoundrels and saints, and all types between.'

But our lives have been blessed by adventure and variation, health and wealth, Democracy and rule of law, thanks, in large part, to the chance of our birthplace and the opportunities it granted us. We are thankful.