Nightful Fright Full Book Cover

Check out our new book "Nightful Fright Full" a collection of exquisitely told cleverly creepy tales and original poetry written by Henry Hamilton and , beautifully illustrated by Maine artist Patricia Chandler. Available by direct order through our website or through Amazon

Enjoy rural Maine. Scroll down for a tour of our fun farm...

Welcome to Maine Fun Farm

Mr & Mrs Byron, aka Shirley & Henry, from the movie Barefoot Country Girl

Barefoot Country Girl promotional poster

We built this barn in 2007

This is our own design.

Our llamas love the new barn.

It keeps them cozy.

New arrival

Dubbed Obamalama

Obamalama exploring his world

Obamalama at 4 months

Our suite offers ample space

decorated to reflect our international lifestyle.

Cook your own meals in privacy.

Our queen bed in a large room,

sleeps you in a rich ambiance.

Enjoy your meals here.

You've found a pot of gold!

Enjoy the Fun Farm in the Spring,

in the summer,

in the fall,

or in the winter.

Enjoy our splendid rainbows;

and vibrant sunrises.

We raise goat kids and lambs,

as well as llamas,


ducks, and other exotic birds.

Bug picking in our organic garden.

We'll share our vegetables.

Our area offers wonderful hikes;

and colorful festivals.

Enjoy our woodland paths,

invigorating in any season.

You might see a deer - there are 3 here, can you spot them?

You will certainly see animal signs;

woodland flowers in season;

an array of mushrooms:

some rare,

some delicate,

some deadly,

some delicious.

Nature as consummate artist.